Here are just a few things Susan’s customers have had to say about working with her:

“Susan is professional, responsive and honesty. Those are the three most important traits for a broker to have.”

– Henry G.

To me, the three most important traits in a real estate broker are professionalism, responsiveness, and honesty. In my opinion, these are Susan’s three best qualities. She is far and away the best agent I’ve ever met in terms of these attributes, and she’s a real pleasure to work with. I’d recommend her without hesitation. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the Chelsea area and the buildings within the neighborhood, and I found that to be extremely helpful in my search for a property, especially because purchasing can be such a complicated process.

“Susan’s guidance, support and responsiveness made all the difference.”

– Michelle S.

For a number of years we thought about living in New York City but quite frankly, the entire process overwhelmed us. This past May, we met Susan and the journey towards owning an apartment began. Susan’s help, guidance and support in our quest to become NYC apartment owners were immeasurable. She was by our side, step-by-step, providing valuable information about the market, community, co-op living, etc. What I appreciated the most was her availability and responsive to all my calls — in today’s world, that accounts for a lot. We cannot praise Susan’s qualities as a professional real estate agent enough. Today we are the proud owners of a co-op in beautiful London Towers Terrace and we have Susan to thank for that. We absolutely would recommend Susan!

“A responsive, diligent agent with a soothing, patient personality.”

– Giovanni B.

Susan is a professional through and through. If she were a doctor, I’d give her bedside manner a 10 on a scale of 1-10. She’s knowledgeable, realistic, patient, and she provides guidance and understanding. She has a soothing personality despite her extremely busy career. She is responsive and diligent. After working with her twice, I would go so far as to consider her a friend. She hasn’t let me down yet and I doubt she ever will. If you are in need of an agent you can rely on and trust, Susan is top class. I would recommend her without hesitation.

“Because I was purchasing in a new development, I has specific timing needs on the sale of my Chelsea co-op. Susan paced the sale beautifully.”

– Anonymous

Overall I had a great experience working with Susan. She helped me to sell my Chelsea co-op in the summer of 2009. Susan was cognizant of my timing needs throughout the process and paced the sale beautifully. Because I was moving to a new development, the date of my closing was somewhat uncertain. She found a buyer that had some flexibility in the closing date, and I was able to time the two closings to occur within a week of each other. Despite the weak market, she got a contract signed in just over two months when all other one bedrooms in my building had been languishing on the market. Susan was incredibly hard-working throughout the process, sometimes holding two open houses in one week, and kept me well informed at all times. I would absolutely recommend Susan and I would use her services again the next time I’m on the market.

“Extremely pleasant, comfortable and successful experience.”

– Mary G.

My experience working with Susan was extremely pleasant and comfortable. Susan took the time to understand what I was looking for in an apartment and helped me find just the right one. Susan was thoughtful, patient, extremely professional and always responsive. She guided me through the process of becoming a first time homeowner with such attention to detail and was able to facilitate and expedite the process so that both the seller and I were very pleased with the timetable. I believe that Susan is a strong negotiator who worked diligently to ensure that both parties moved smoothly towards an agreement and ultimately a contract. I can say for certain that I will turn to Susan again when I am in need of a real estate agent and I highly recommend her to all.

“Susan did an excellent job selling my co-op.”

– Anonymous

Susan helped me sell my co-op apartment in the London Terrace building in Chelsea. She did an excellent job and she knows London Terrace like no other broker. Her contacts and insights saved me time and needless aggravation during the sales process. If you are looking for a real estate agent, do yourself a favor, and hire her immediately!

“Without Susan’s help, I doubt the transaction would have gone through.”

– Ron D.

I’ve known Susan as an acquaintance for quite a while. When I decided to look for a new apartment, we started to develop both a professional relationship and a friendship. I had already chosen the apartment I wanted to live in by the time Susan became involved with the transaction, but if it hadn’t been for her help, I don’t think the purchase would have gone through. She did a fantastic job, and made sure that the process moved forward and didn’t fall apart. I would absolutely recommend Susan to anyone looking for a broker, because I know she’s one of the best. I work in a very prestigious residential building on Fifth Avenue, so I see brokers daily, and I know how they work. I’ve noticed that the majority of broker-client relationships are based on the idea that one hand feeds the other. Brokers know they’re going to make money if they’re friendly, and they want repeat clients. Susan is much more honest than that. Her motto is to always be straightforward and truthful, and her concern for her client is much more genuine than you might see with other brokers. Susan is the real deal, and you won’t find better.

“Susan is always a step ahead. Very pro-active.”

– Chris J.

I’ve bought and sold with Susan now, and I’ve never been as comfortable with another agent as I am with her. She’s very pro-active, is always a step ahead, but she keeps me well-informed with the whole process, so there are never any surprises. I highly recommend her. In selling my apartment, I think Susan priced the property perfectly, and her negotiating skills were remarkable. On the buying end, she took care of me while still representing her seller, and I really have the utmost respect for her because of that. Whether purchasing or selling, working with Susan is a wonderful experience.

“Working with Susan was so easy”

– Jorge P.

Working with Susan was so easy; she is calm, listens to what you are actually saying and is not pushy. She was a breath of fresh air after we had had a less than pleasant experience with another broker. Luckily, Susan came highly recommended and finally delivered, in a relatively short period of time, a buyer and a better deal. She is delightful to work with and a soothing presence in a rather stressful moment of one’s life.

“She made it possible for me to buy my first home while working abroad.”

– Branko S.

I had the pleasure meeting Susan Singer during the purchase of my first home. I currently work and live overseas and I was in New York only for two weeks shopping around, expecting for that time period not to be enough to get anything done besides viewing countless properties.

However, I was fortunate enough that the property I liked was brokered by Susan. Considering that I did not know a first thing about buying property in Manhattan, Susan guided me through the tedious process of board applications, gave me advice on different bank loans, provided me with excellent real estate attorney, and after having everything done, she’s still helping me with my move from Belgium back to the US.

On the final note, I strongly recommend Susan to any potential real estate buyer, in no matter how difficult of a logistical situation they are in, since she made it possible for me to buy my first home while working abroad.

“She is extremely professional and truly a fantastic broker.”

Monica P.

I would like to highly recommend Susan as the best I’ve ever worked with! She was not only able sell my apartment in one open house– but also at A much higher price than I had valued myself. Susan was also able to find me the apartment I was looking for in less than a month. She understood what I wanted immediately and was extremely well edited and efficient in showing me only what I might be interested in.

“I honestly feel you would be remiss in not hiring Susan.”

– David Schmier

I first worked with Susan when I gave her a listing for an investment apartment I bought in March of 2005. After a full year of extensive renovations I listed the apartment with the broker who had negotiated the purchase for me. After two and half months of open houses we didn’t have one legitimate offer. We had spared no expense in the renovation and in a super-hot market I couldn’t understand why we weren’t getting sold.

It was time to find a new broker and I located Susan through the Corcoran website. I was impressed with her write-up and even more so by the number of sales she had made in the previous year. My instincts were thoroughly confirmed. Susan began showing the apartment on a Thursday and had competing offers at full asking price on Friday, the following day all before our first open house that Sunday. Since then Susan has helped me purchase a new investment property. After thoroughly reviewing the history of the listing her instincts told her there might be some flexibility in the price. She negotiated an accepted offer 5% below the listing price, a substantial savings that will be much needed in the renovations.

As a senior executive, I measure someone’s excellence by their attention to detail and ability to spot potential problems before they happen. In that regard I can say Susan is exceptional. She guided me through each transaction effortlessly and without error. Her polished presentation and good humor throughout made the process a total pleasure.

In short, I can recommend Susan without equivocation. If you’re transacting a purchase or sale of property in New York, I honestly feel you would be remiss in not hiring Susan.