Condo Board Questions

Our condo has had the same stale and corrupt board for nine years. One board member brags that other members take bribes from contractors. Our common charges keep rising.

Where did all of the One Bedrooms go!?!

If you live in Manhattan I am sure you know there are three things New Yorkers are always talking about: their jobs, their love life, and their APARTMENT.

What are QR Codes and Why Should You Care?

Pay attention because soon those little black boxes will hold the key to more information than you thought was possible. You’ve seen them everywhere, even though you might not have even realized it. They are those black and white patterns in square boxes popping up on posters, ads, magazines and everywhere you look. What are […]

The Home Office Trend

Home offices have become so desirable that they are now showing up as amenities in new construction

Paris on Ponce

Wednesday night’s TOWN gathering at 88 Greenwich Street was a sparkling event. Our team celebrated tonight looking south at the Statue of Liberty and west to the Housewives of New Jersey from the 36th floor Penthouse. Part of the fun included instant 60 Second Novels written by Dan Hurley who, after a quick conversational interview, […]

Read between the (head)lines

Last week here we highlighted an article from Crain’s that pondered whether or not we are in the midst of a seller’s market on account of rising prices and diminishing inventories. However, on Friday, April 1st, the New York Times published what at first pass appeared to be an April Fool’s Day joke. The headline: […]