Buyer’s Guide

The art and soul of being a great broker starts with being a good listener. As the buyer you must factor in a blend of practical, emotional and conceptual aspects of your purchase. My role is to locate and present properties which meet your criteria while helping you to think outside the box.

With inventory down it’s critical to be financially prepared to support your offer with hard facts. Part of my job is to present you as a strong and qualified buyer.

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Seller’s Guide

The decision to sell is usually the result of a life change…either coupling or de-coupling, moving for a job change, growing the family or down-sizing. Maximizing profit (or minimizing loss due to timing) is the primary goal.

In addition to proper pricing the presentation of your property is key so a broker who has experience and an eye for staging is critical to your choice.

That said trust is the key factor in your selection…this is likely to be your most valuable asset so when you’re comfortable with your agent you’ll achieve your goals if you follow directions well!

Download Susan’s Seller’s Guide Now (PDF).

Renter’s Guide

It’s no secret that inventory is at an all time low so you need to be prepared and qualified. Have your credit report done before submitting applications as each time someone does a credit check it lowers your score.

Be prepared…have all of your bank statements, tax returns, letters of recommendation prepared. When we find the right place you’ll be solidly ahead of your competition by having everything ready.

Download Susan’s Renter’s Guide Now (PDF).

Investor’s Guide

You’re a savvy buyer and understand ROI. Finding a broker who understands your goals and finances as well as neighborhoods and the rental market is your key to success. A competitive market with our current inventory requires a buyer who can turn on a dime.

Have your financing and counsel lined up and be realistic about your long term goals. Today’s pricing is conducive to investment if you have time to sit or funds for improvement.

Download Susan’s Investor Guide Now (PDF).