London Terrace

London Terrace was the dream of real estate mogul Henry Mandel, a flashy developer who was the Donald Trump of his day. In the late 1920’s, when the American economy was still strong, Mandel began acquiring land in Chelsea on which to build the largest apartment building New York had ever seen.

When London Terrace Towers was first introduced as a luxury rental building these six films were created to market the property. I have had these films digitized so I can share with you the elegance and lifestyle of the building during this unique period of our history.

Today London Terrace Towers remains to be one of the premier properties in all of Manhattan . The legendary amenities of this Chelsea landmark include the best pool in New York as described by New York Magazine. View a sampling of our tours and floor plans to get a feel for the variety of living options available.

History of London Terrace

Building Amenities

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